Architectural Assessment of World’s Largest Platform for Government Securities Purchase, Management and Payment Distribution


Our client had completed the implementation of Phase 1 of application that handles the auction,purchase and interest payments for government bonds and treasuries using MuleSoft’s Mule ESB as their integration platform. They wanted to respond more quickly and cost-effectively to changing business requirements by promoting the reuse of services and simplified interfaces between legacy and modern systems. Prior to moving forward with the Phase 2 work, the client wanted an architectural assessment done to help resolve performance problems, identify potential security issues, address system stability pain points and ensure their platform was architected and implemented in adherence with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), microservice and Event Driven Architecture (EDA) best


Our client engaged us to provide on-site professional services for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA),microservice and Event Driven Architecture (EDA) design, performance optimization, transaction integrity analysis, security review, reliability and operations enhancements and application development services for the bond and treasuries auction, purchase and payment platform. Our team performed a detailed assessment of the client’s Mule ESB platform to ascertain their current state architecture,identify stability issues architecture and performance enhancements. Working with the agency stakeholders, the Sovereign Solution team documented the existing architecture and led the effort to define their future state architecture, as well as the roadmap for how to get there in incremental steps.

Our team led efforts to make architectural changes to expand support from a single web interface to web, mobile, third-party UI and API interfaces. This included major architectural changes to incorporate API management, security gateway and asynchronous messaging capabilities. We also conducted a full security review of all application components, middleware components and infrastructure. This included defining security test cases and test scripts, application security testing and defect remediation, infrastructure security testing and remediation, and application and infrastructure penetration testing and remediation. Our recommendations were guided by four primary principles: flexibility to support changes for future requirements, extensibility to support changing business requirements faster, reusability to allow APIs and services to be shared across organizations and open standards compliance to minimize vendor lock-in. The resulting hybrid cloud architecture allowed them to balance leveraging their existing assets and applications with migrating key components to more scalable cloud infrastructure


Sovereign Solutions’ efforts allowed our client to realize their strategic business goals to significantly improve system performance, stability and reliability, minimize costs and manual processing, increase return on investment (ROI), simplify the creation, management and reuse of APIs for internal and external consumers, and increase the overall business value offered by their new treasury and bond platform. Our security and enterprise architecture review efforts allowed the client to identify significant performance and security issues before the platform was offered to the public, and resolve those issues before they ever impacted their users. Our client was able to deliver adaptable, business solutions agile enough to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the business while reducing the cost, operations and maintenance burdens and on-premise footprint of the infrastructure.

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