Business Value with GSS Cloud Computing Strategy


Our client is a leading global information services company that grew rapidly through a series of acquisitions.Historically their Globally Shared Services (GSS) operated as a vendor management function, providing contracts and vendor management support on behalf of the divisions, but with little value added to the business.  Its relationship with the business was primarily as a pass-through function for the vendors providing services to the business units, with a perception that they did not provide tremendous value to the business.

Looking to find synergies and leverage within the organization.The new GSS strategy and operating model is focused on delivering value to the business divisions.  Its first major engagement it hired Sovereign to do was to develop a holistic Cloud computing strategy and solution set to the business divisions, which have been adopting Cloud computing services independent of GSS support from various service providers in an ad hoc fashion.


The GSS Cloud computing strategy is initially focused on enabling and accelerating the new product development process within the business units by offering a progressive portfolio of Cloud services in a brokered model. The Global Shared Services organization was to provide Enterprise Architecture, Cloud computing, IT Security, and solution architecture support to its business divisions.

We helped the client identify the core capabilities as relates to its business and supporting services ecosystem.  Some of the tasks Sovereign was charged with was to:

  • Implement the broker platform which includes Integration with public cloud provider services APIs, Integration with private/hybrid cloud stack/framework APIs, Integration with provider service catalogs
  • Setup an GSS IT operating model which enables setting up organizational processes and procedures such as, playbooks for program governance structures, artifacts, template technical and management artifacts for each program phase, state organizational goals and have a hardened mechanism to measure progress,
  • Design the GSS Cloud Broker Process (first) and Organizational Model to support the GSS Cloud, provide support, training, business engagement, and vendor management
  • Negotiate SLAs and with partners and outside service providers, to organize execute on a consistent Project Management framework
  • Implement IaaS and PaaS offerings
  • Collect and review technical dashboard and reporting requirements across all levels of the organization.
  • Establish the Cloud Governance Model with Engagement and Participation with Business Unit Stakeholders


Sovereign helped our client be the best-in-class Cloud service provider to the business, on par with outside commercial Cloud providers. This allowed our client to add significant value and earn the respect of their business units.

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