Enterprise Architecture, Integration Platform and Unified Portal for the Largest City Technology Department in the US


Our client provides managed information technology services, infrastructure and platforms that support the operations of government agencies across the entire city. They needed help with implementing DataShare,a data exchange and integration platform that spanned all agencies across the city, building the Business Express portal, which allows residents to interact with all agencies in the city from a single web portal, and building the Common Intake platform, a single platform that allows citizens to apply for all city permits, on top of that city-wide data exchange platform. The city also needed security architecture and enterprise architecture guidance on several other key applications, including the 311 Online and Mobile platforms, which allow residents to interact with various city agencies via multimedia messages


Sovereign Solutions partnered with the client to build out a program to support many of the technology initiatives the city was undertaking. This program’s efforts spanned technology projects across over a dozen agencies, including Department of Information Technology, Small Business Services, Department of Buildings, Department of Finance, Environmental Control Board, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Fire Department of New York, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Transportation, Department of Parks and Recreation and Landmark Preservation. The numerous projects included:

  • Architecture, integration, application development, security architecture review and security testing for the entire Business Express, DataShare, Common Intake, and 311 Online platforms. Platforms leveraged Fire Eye EX and AX for email, malware,attachment and file scanning
  • The DataShare platform provided a single, secure integration layer that connected over 20 agencies. By connecting to this integration platform, an agency would be able to access web services from other agencies, expose web services to any other agencies, and exchange synchronous, asynchronous and publish/subscribe data messages with any other agencies on the platform.
  • The Common Intake system was built on top of the DataShare platform to provide a single canonical data model business    orchestration and application logic for exchanging permit, license and agency application data with residents and business. This platform supported over 25 agencies and was used to share data and business processes between agencies and with residents of the New York City.
  • The Business Express system was built on top of the DataShare and Common Intake platforms to provide a single portal that allowed city residents and businesses to interact with the city. This portal allowed users to view and manage permit applications, pay fines and fees, submit documentation, and access city agency data and services for over a dozen city agencies.
  • The 311 Online application is an online and mobile portal that allows city residents to send multimedia data to the city via email, MMS message, text message, app or web browser. This application is used to provide a variety of information to the city, from traffic accident details and locations, potential or suspected construction violation details, crime related information and many other use cases.
  • Re-architecture, integration and application development of the entire nyc.gov web domain. This included all web applications for over a dozen city agencies using heterogeneous technologies.
  • Security architecture, review, remediation and re-accreditation of the entire nyc.gov domain, including Business Express, Common Intake,  311 Online, 311 Mobile and many other web applications. This included defining security test cases and test scripts, application security testing and defect remediation, infrastructure security testing and remediation, and application and infrastructure penetration testing and remediation.Integrated the FireEye EX and AX platforms with the nyc.gov portal to support scanning of emails, files, attachments and uploads across all city applications.
  • Architected the new eCommerce platform used by most city applications, including the entire security accreditation process. This eCommerce platform supports credit card and check payments and is leveraged by over 15 city agencies. This effort included PCI compliance testing and other security architecture and testing services.


Upon completion of this program-level engagement, our client had a city-wide data exchange platform that allowed most agencies within the city to share data via web services and various messaging interfaces with other agencies and residents of the city. Their city became one of the most connected and resident-friendly cities in the world by allowing residents to manage nearly all interactions with the city online via a single portal, which allowed users to do everything from apply for permits to pay for environmental control board violations to viewing restaurant health code violations. Our security architecture and testing services helped to ensure that that citizen
data, transactions and interactions were kept secure.

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