Adaptability to the technology industry requires leading innovations and an expansive vision.

Technology companies face the same challenges in terms of the operational, profitability, and technology aspects of the ever growing and changing Technology. Sovereign Solutions provides customized solutions to the issues Technology companies face constantly.

Advanced Technologies

Reaching Your Full Potential with Innovative Technology

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, modernizing your technology capabilities is crucial to remain relevant and competitive. Sovereign Solutions helps companies transform their business by optimizing their IT architecture to accommodate the latest advancements in technology and maximize the value of their investments.

AI and machine learning

CIOs face two key challenges in exploring and adopting AI: the availability of skilled and experienced staff, and the lack of IT and business understanding of AI’s potential.” (Gartner’s Predict 2018: Artificial Intelligence)

Sovereign Solutions can help you address this AI challenge with trusted senior advice and extensive AI knowledge & experience.  We have boosted profitability and innovation for our clients through a variety of use cases such as fraud detection, training products, recommendation engines, expert systems, recognition engines, and more.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Sovereign Solutions is helping innovators worldwide with their blockchain implementations. Our global team of experts helps clients understand the potential use cases for blockchain-based technology by developing custom-fit deployment strategies and measuring the impact of those strategies to their business.


Sovereign Solutions helps remove bottlenecks and automate the software development lifecycle to minimize costs and process inefficiencies. We also help drive the change management and cultural transformation needed to ensure the success of DevOps initiatives.

Microservices and cloud migration

Sovereign Solutions helps enterprises migrate legacy applications to the cloud using containers and service orientation within their architecture. We are helping improve adaptability and cost efficiency by decreasing complexity and streamlining application installation.

Big data and analytics

We help organizations become data-driven by integrating analytics to organize data and translate into valuable and actionable insights. Sovereign Solutions excels at helping organizations derive value and insights from their data to stay ahead of competition and increase profits. We have helped clients modernize their data environment (storage, management, and integration) to improved access to information and to develop advanced analytics strategies for better decision-making.

Business process management

We understand how challenging it can be to continually manage processes as your technology landscape evolves. As you incorporate new technologies to your portfolio, Sovereign Solutions can help ensure your processes function seamlessly with legacy technologies, improve productivity, remove bottlenecks, and reduce costs.

Continuous integration/continuous delivery

Sovereign Solutions has helped organizations establish their CI/CD practice for faster release times, fewer defects, reduced test costs, and higher quality. We have helped install and maintain continuous integration servers, define the best practices for writing automated tests, establish policies for developers merging changes, adjust documentation process to keep pace with deployments as well as, automate deployments.

Adaptability to the technology industry requires leading innovations and an expansive vision.  Sovereign Solutions IT consulting services is a top market leader in the technology industry, understanding the life cycle of the industry as well as the growing potential and leading threats which are a challenge to technical firms.

Some Of Our Clients

Innovation in the field of technology leave technology executives with a continuous challenge.  Possibilities for new and advanced technologies available through our IT consulting services expand the opportunities for the industry.  At the same time, emerging companies and new innovations create instantaneous threats which impact the shifts within the IT landscape.

Our awareness, expertise and deeply embedded approaches to the technology industry help you to remain ahead of competitors.  With the maturity of older technology industries, as well as the opportunities with new innovations, are many areas which we implement newer structures to accelerate the possibilities for technical growth.

Some approaches which assist with driving results and fast changes within the technical industry include:

Competitor analysis and strategic development

Use of advanced technologies and product implementation

Enterprise architecture formats for unique technical requirements

Business model integration with new technology platforms

With our technical expertise, we assist with recognizing your long – term vision to provide innovation to the global community. With our IT consulting services forward – thinking approach to the technology industry, we offer insights and cross – sector expertise to unlock your full potential.

Case Studies


Enterprise Architecture, Integration Platform and Unified Portal for the Largest City Technology Department in the US

Challenge Our client provides managed information technology services, infrastructure and platforms that support the operations of government agencies across the entire city. They needed help with implementing DataShare,a data exchange and integration platform that spanned all agencies across the city, building the Business Express portal, which allows residents to interact with all agencies in the...