Cloud Architecture, Hybrid Architecture and Cloud Migration

Sovereign Solutions provides architectural guidance to ensure our clients take advantage of the cloud and hands-on expertise to needed to deliver complex implementations.

Cloud migration

Sovereign Solutions help enterprises migrate legacy applications, lift and shift more modern applications, and build and deploy native applications to public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Our firm has partnerships with most major cloud platform providers and provides guidance to our clients in multi-cloud environments.

Cloud architecture

Our teams provide reliable, scalable, flexible, high-performance application architecture, design and development services that take full advantage of native cloud capabilities. Our services include enterprise and integration architecture, architectural roadmaps, technical proofs of concept, architectural evergreening, and architecture management and governance.

Serverless Computing

Sovereign Solutions helps businesses to connect their applications, business processes, platforms, and data sources, increase business agility and quickly react to changing business requirements with cloud-based, serverless architectures without the need for heavy-weight, managed middleware and infrastructure.


Sovereign Solutions provide architectural guidance to help prevent cloud vendor lock-in by using cloud platform agnostic technologies while strategically leveraging vendor specific cloud capabilities where it makes sense. We have the expertise to guide clients from on-premise architectural deployment model to brokered multi-cloud deployments across public and private cloud infrastructure.


We help our clients leverage the power of containerization to reliably run software systems across a variety of computing environments. We have the expertise to help our clients transition from physical and virtual infrastructure and application deployments to container-based deployments across public and private cloud infrastructure.

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