Direct Placement

Sovereign Solutions – Permanent Placement Fees Beat the Competition

Our fee is capped at 15% of first year’s salary, but can be reduced to 5% if you have an active contractor billing at the time of invoice generation!

Sovereign Solutions has been in business for over 20 years. We understand that Human Capital is the lifeline of any business.

To meet the rising demand for IT resources, Sovereign created a Center of Excellence for Human Capital. We have rigid processes defined and designed to use best-in-class technologies and practices to find IT talent.

In addition to our Strategic Staffing expertise for those hard-to-fill consulting positions designed for shorter term projects, there are times when a permanent employee is the preferred solution.

Permanent staff placement services differ slightly from consultant staffing. More details regarding the position, growth possibilities, anticipated technical progression of the team and/or company, and overall cultural aspects of the client become more critical in the decision process of a potential candidate.

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The client’s assigned recruiter has in-depth discussions with the hiring manager, gaining a deep level of understanding of the true skills needed to perform the task for which the candidate is being hired, versus those skills which would be “nice-to-have” to prevent a star candidate from being overlooked in the search process.

With this deep level of understanding, the recruiter is now able to have an intelligent discussion with potential candidates, fully armed with the specifics the candidate needs to make an informed decision on how this position will allow career growth, and not just be a lateral transfer to a new company. This is a high-touch process involving deep discussions with the candidate.

Sovereign Solutions delivers an eager candidate, excited about the position and company, and ready to proceed through the company’s interview process.

How much does a bad hire cost?

Don’t let this happen to your company. Use Sovereign Solutions proven processes to find and hire the best talent available.

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