Engagement Models

Let Sovereign Solutions provide customized support designed to meet the unique needs of your business, managing complex projects, business lines and aggressive timelines. Our workforce solutions are designed to meet your specific fulfillment, compliance and performance management requirements.

Vendor Supplier Pool

Add Sovereign Solutions to your approved vendor list or as a new MSP/VMS vendor member.

Vendor On-Premise

Dedicated on-site personnel provide operational efficiency, fulfillment, workforce quality and account administration. Our on-premise team provides enhanced oversight and workforce program monitoring to meet the needs of your business.

Master Supplier

Fulfill your staffing needs, retain your contingent workforce and provide performance management across your entire contingent labor program through our comprehensive master supplier solution. We embed ourselves in your workforce strategy to drive quality and efficient results across multiple locations and skill sets.


Gain control of your vendors and contingent labor spend with a Sovereign Solutions MSP solution.

Tell us how we can help — and we will.