Master Supplier

Streamline your IT contingent labor process by selecting Sovereign Solutions as your Master Supplier for all of your contingent needs.

Proven cost reduction and savings methodologies are available to help you achieve your cost savings objectives. With the help of our industry insights, experience and extensive knowledge of the total contingent workforce ecosystem, Sovereign Solutions can unlock these large savings opportunities for your organization.

We can help you gain access to additional talent acquisition and sourcing channels to gain a competitive edge in the human capital market. From competitively sourced workers, talent pools, to freelance management strategies, remote workers and Statement of Work (SOW) instruments, Sovereign Solutions can help you find the best model for your organization.

Sovereign Solutions’ operational experts design streamlined processes that align with your internal workflows. We then use technology to automate these processes—resulting in an enhanced user experience and a reduced time-to-fill.

Sovereign Solutions continually monitors and audits our own processes to ensure your Master Supplier engagement is compliant with government employment regulations and business requirements.