Enterprise and Integration Architecture

Your company’s enterprise IT architecture is critical to achieving your company’s vision and executing on your corporate strategy. Meeting these demands requires a modern, integrated architecture that is highly scalable, high performance, agile, flexible, and cloud-ready. We our clients navigate the chaos and complexity to achieve their business goals.

System Architecture

Our approach creates reliable, scalable, flexible, high-performance platforms that span multiple applications, systems, divisions and organizations. Our services include enterprise and integration architecture, architectural roadmaps, technical proofs of concept, architectural evergreening and architecture management and governance.

End-to-End IT Integration

Accelerate your business transformation by trusting Sovereign Solutions to carefully design your IT architecture and fine-tune your business processes, to achieve your desired outcomes with maximum speed, efficiency, and ROI. We have the expertise needed to solve complex modernization and global integration challenges in distributed, heterogenous environments.

Digital Transformation

Disruptive new technologies and changing business models are creating major challenges for organizations needing to drive end-to-end integration across their IT ecosystem. We collaborate with companies to design their digital transformation, accelerate the adoption of new technologies, and ensure legacy applications function seamlessly with your updated IT architecture.

Scaling IT Resources

As your technology landscape becomes more complex, Sovereign Solutions helps scale IT resources to maximize your return on investment and effectively respond to enterprise needs. We have successfully scaled both cloud and on-premise solutions to create more efficiency and increase the effectiveness of our clients’ technology portfolio.

Aligning Processes

Our consultants take a holistic approach to solving your IT challenges. When designing an IT solution, we also evaluate business processes and IT operating models to identify and remediate any bottlenecks that are slowing business growth. We collaborate closely with our clients to streamline their technology architecture to enhance their capabilities, governance, and alignment to full potential.

Application Design and Development

Sovereign Solutions offers high performance, real-time, fault tolerant, application design, development, testing, deployment and operations services. Our teams have expertise in building applications across a variety of business domains.

Service Oriented Architecture, Microservices and APIs

Sovereign Solutions helps businesses to connect their applications, business processes, platforms, and data sources, increase business agility and quickly react to changing business requirements with flexible SOA, Microservice and API based architectures. From SOA architectures using traditional integration middleware to lightweight microservices to API platforms supporting internal and external consumers, we provide the right solution for our clients based on their business needs.

Event Driven Architecture

Sovereign Solutions has deep experience in developing event-driven architectures for clients to transform how they generate, process, store, and access data. We create environments that promote asynchronous communication and adaptability, allowing our clients to adjust to business changes faster.

Cloud Architecture and Migration

Sovereign Solutions help enterprises migrate legacy applications, lift and shift more modern applications, build and deploy native applications to public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Our firm has partnerships with most major cloud platform providers and provides guidance to our clients in multi-cloud environments.

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