Financial Services

Some Of Our Clients

From investment banking to retail banking to wealth management, Sovereign Solutions helps financial institutions transform their operations and drive growth. Our consultants have industry-specific expertise with technology solutions in the financial services sector. We help financial firms transform their operations, reduce risk, drive profitable growth, align IT architecture to business objectives, reduce back office costs, and improve customer experience.

Our financial industry expertise includes:

  • Reducing cost of ownership of IT infrastructure and systems
  • Faster time to market and shorter release cycles
  • Architectural strategy to support current-state implementations and future-state innovation
  • IT modernization initiatives
  • Integration of globally distributed systems
  • Big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics
  • Risk management systems
  • Self-service applications and systems
  • Application, infrastructure and system security
  • Digital transformation initiatives
  • Cloud architecture and migrations from on-premise to public and hybrid cloud environments
  • Regulation and auditing compliance
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) systems
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) systems

Our expertise spans multiple subsectors of financial services, including:



  • Developing active, algorithmic and high frequency trading systems for:
    • Asset backed securities
    • Equities
    • Bonds
    • Credit default swaps
    • Derivatives
    • Foreign Exchange
    • Commodities
  • Ultra-high performance, ultra-low latency system design
  • Building prime brokerage clearing/settlement systems
  • Building reference data systems for pricing, issuers, and instruments
  • Implementing big data solutions that are pressure-tested to support petabytes of data
  • Grid and parallel processing systems
  • Integrating back-office systems
  • Design of private cloud infrastructure and provisioning automation
  • Data processing and storage for complex data pipelines
  • Agile architectures to detect data errors and instantly self-correct with automated adjustments
  • Dramatically reducing delays and transaction processing times for client reporting
  • Deep knowledge of industry specific service provider APIs, such as Pershing, Albridge and other broker systems
  • Supporting big data and fine-tuning ETL and ELT processing for greater flexibility and agility in extending reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Developing new systems for consumer loyalty and expansion of financial products & services
  • Creating omni-channel platforms supporting complex user transactions and interactions across devices
  • Core banking systems and integration
  • ATM transaction procession and routing
  • Mobile banking applications
  • Web banking applications
  • Voice banking applications
  • Call center systems
  • In-branch teller systems
  • In-branch Smart Devices
  • Asset based finance and leasing
  • Shared APIs providing a 360-degree view of customer data and transactions across all accounts, devices, and platforms
  • Machine learning and big data systems to provide advanced analytics on user transaction and behavior data
  • Fraud detection and monitoring
  • Advanced services, such as bill payment, peer to peer payments, smart transaction routing and multi-device transactions
  • KYC systems
  • AML systems
  • Virtual data rooms and due diligence processing
  • Algorithmic and high frequency trading systems
  • Technology reviews and assessments
  • Active trading systems
  • Trading execution engines
  • Risk analytics
  • Back office processing and reporting
  • PCI security and compliance
  • ACH, SWIFT, check and credit card payment processing
  • Payment system security
  • Payment system APIs and integration
  • Smart transaction routing and ATM switching

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