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Hiring Permanent IT Staff – Are You Prepared?

As anyone looking to fill full time employee Information Technology positions over the past several years realizes, the current demand for IT talent is large and growing every day. This means preparation on your part before you even begin the search. Several items must be researched and finalized.


Have you determined the current market for the skill set you seek? Here is a list of the 13 Most In-demand Tech Jobs for 2019 (Source – Robert Half). Are your budgets adjusted for these salary ranges?

The 13 most in-demand tech jobs for 2019

Job 25th percentile* 50th percentile* 75th percentile* 95th percentile*
Business intelligence analyst $85,750 $106,000 $132,000 $178,000
Cloud architect $75,000 $94,500 $118,000 $159,500
Cloud systems engineer $86,250 $103,000 $123,250 $145,750
Data scientist $102,750 $121,500 $147,500 $175,000
Database developer $98,250 $118,000 $141,000 $167,750
Developer (web, software, mobile) $83,500 (web); $98,250 (software); $65,600 (mobile) $100,250 (web); $117,500 (software); $79,000 (mobile) $119,750 (web); $140,750 (software); $93,500 (mobile) $142,000 (web); $166,500 (software); $105,000 (mobile)
DevOps engineer $90,250 $110,500 $134,750 $178,250
Full-stack developers $65,000 $79,250 $96,000 $130,500
Help desk and desktop support specialists $49,000 (tier 1); $38,250 (tier 2); $32,250 (tier 3) $58,500 (tier 1); $45,740 (tier 2); $54,750 (tier 3) $70,000 (tier 1); $54,750 (tier 2); $46,000 (tier 3) $83,750 (tier 1); $64,500 (tier 2); $55,000 (tier 3)
IoT specialists $59,500 $71,500 $85,250 $100,750
Network administrators $74,750 $89,000 $106,750 $126,750
Security professionals (information, data, network, systems) $116,000 (information); $105,000 (data); $93,000 (network); $93,750 (systems) $139,000 (information); $125,250 (data); $111,500 (network); $112,250 (systems) $167,250 (information); $149,500 (data); $134,000 (network); $134,750 (systems) $199,750 (information); $178,250 (data); $158,750 (network); $159,750 (systems)
Systems administrators $68,000 $81,750 $97,750 $115,750
  • 25th percentile: entry-level workers or those in industries with less competition
  • 50th percentile: “average experience,” a job with “average complexity,” or work in industry with moderate competition
  • 75th percentile: above average experience, strong skills, certifications, a more complex role or work in a “fairly competitive” industry
  • 95th percentile: significant experience, certifications, specializations, high level of expertise, work in a strategic and highly complex role or in a highly competitive industry for talent


Demand has significantly influenced expected salaries among those IT professionals being contacted. If your budget was based on a position for which you paid a salary of $100,000 three years ago, and you provided standard 3% raises per year, the new expected salary is most likely not $109,000, but closer to between $120,000 and $130,000. Candidates contacted by a multitude of recruiters will be aware of their market value. Though salary is not necessarily the main factor for most candidates, it must be in line with something close to market value.

Job Description

How are you presenting the job and the skills required to be successful? If your description of the job sounds like everyone else’s, why will the candidate want to talk to you? Key areas to address include:

  • What will the candidate be doing for the first several months? Describe specific tasks expected to be accomplished the first month, progressing to those in months two to four, and at least through six months, preferably one year, if you know to that level. The hiring manager needs to be involved deeply in this discussion.
  • What constitutes a successful accomplishment within those time frames? How will the candidate know they are performing to expectations? A current employee performing similar tasks may be a good source for this data.
  • Is this project something critical to the success of the company? Is it cutting edge technology that will enhance the skill sets of the candidate? Is it performing a function that addresses an important aspect beneficial to society, or at least to the end users of the product/application being built? These are key points to address to stoke the interest of the candidate.

What’s in It for the Candidate

Today’s candidate is looking for more than just a bigger paycheck. They are also interested in the following.

  • Does this position enhance my skill set? Offering access to the latest technologies, or providing additional training to learn or enhance an in-demand skill, will capture their attention.
  • Is this a lateral move, or will I be given additional responsibilities? A lateral move may be acceptable if the candidate is not in a good environment, but increased responsibilities are always intriguing.
  • Are there work options? Can I use flex time, work-from-home, or even remote work? Does this position require me to be on-premise at all times? If able to offer any of these options, definitely include it in the description.

A candidate is looking for these three things in order to make a move. Does your job meet these expectations?

  • Job stretch — that the new role supports career progression or is in some way a better fit
  • Job growth — that the new company is more promising, perhaps growing faster than their current company
  • Job satisfaction — that the new role and company would make them happier than they are now

Company Description

Does your Job Description and web site reflect what makes your company a great place to work? Are there accomplishments that make you stand out as a company among companies doing similar things? Today’s workers want to feel they are contributing to the greater good, so anything along humanitarian, environmental or community services are especially important to point out.

Ready to Engage

Now that you have the proper budget, an intriguing job description and details on why this candidate would want to work for your company, then what? IT candidates are bombarded with emails and phone calls. Is your recruiting team able to devote the high-touch, high-contact time required to convince the candidate to even read the email or respond to the call made to them?

Or, you can contact Sovereign Solutions. We have the technical recruiting staff able to work directly with your hiring manager to fully understand the type of candidate sought, with the skill sets, business knowledge and cultural fit to be an immediate impact to your team. We provide the high-touch contact required to convince the candidate yours is the company with whom they wish to work and initiate the interview process.

Email us at Info@sovereignsolutionscorp.com, call us at (645) 405-4820, or visit our Strategic Staffing page for more information. Let Sovereign Solutions find your next IT employee.

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