Payrolling Services

As the Employer of Record (EOR), Sovereign Solutions hires the contingent workers you want to engage as our W2 employees and then contracts with your company to provide their skills on a contingent basis. As a nationally recognized Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Sovereign Solutions can help in reaching your diversity spend goals.

Sovereign Solutions’ Professional Payrolling solution is a proven program featuring a number of support functions and services similar to a traditional employment structure, including:

  • Online contractor pre-screening and customized enrollment services.
  • Automated on-boarding
  • Automatic paycheck deductions for federal, state and local taxes as well as Social Security and Medicare
  • Workers compensation and unemployment insurance coverage

Managing your contingent workforce is a challenge. You need to reduce cost, increase quality, and flexibility…all at the same time. Our best-in-class Employer of Record and Payrolling Service helps organizations with large contingent labor pools meet this formidable challenge.

Payroll is a complex process and requires up-to-date knowledge of tax laws. Sovereign Solutions has both the technical expertise and advanced technology to meet your needs and reduce your overhead by relieving you of the unproductive burden of payroll. Sovereign Solutions will eliminate the hidden costs of compliance and the risks created by ever-changing regulation.

Sovereign Solutions Employer Services delivers payroll processing and administration services designed to meet your needs.